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In their own Words (and Pictures…)

Charleston SC is a city practically devoid of street art. There are a few official murals.

To find graffiti you have to scout the outlying areas, and even then the results are meager, hidden behind empty malls and off traffic arteries.

What you can spot in the city is small and unobtrusive.

The occasional writings in shop windows or on banners are supposed to be funny, I let you be the judge.

I was puzzled by this since I associate the East Coast with a lot of tagging activity and some really cool art works, in Miami in particular. Good weather leaves the stuff intact.  Not here, though.  And with these few exceptions, not political.


Luckily, there always photography….


CDMX wins

Can you find the photographer?

Those of you who have followed “Your Daily Picture” for the last 6 years know that I have a penchant for graffiti.  Not the plain old tagging, although that also can be seen as an ever more intricate art form. Rather I like the kind that is depicting, with elements of fantasy, wit, social criticism and above all, COLOR.


Many of you have seen what I brought home from Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Istanbul, Paris, Miami Beach, Toulouse and good old Bedford Stuyvesant or other parts of NYC. Only Italy in 2015 was a bust. No clue why it’s not happening there, or why I didn’t find the relevant spots. Probably hanging out in too many churches during that trip.


In any event, Mexico City rules. No idea why, but the remarkable thing there is that you find impressive, interesting, intricate and/or charming murals everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Graffitti is not restricted to particular hip neighborhoods, or those less accessible, or those least controlled by the forces of order and homogeneity. I had originally thought I might join one of the guided tours for graffiti fans that exist in CDMX just as in other capitals of the world, but realized soon enough there is no need to spend those $25. What I found all by myself is creative, funny, and has a sense of color that reminds me of the European expressionists of the 20th century. For that matter, it has comparable emotional, even spiritual qualities;  Marc, Munch, Gauguin, Kirchner and Kandinsky and Nolde would have felt right at home at this scene.
















Don’t take my word for it – judge for yourself.




Historical References





And of course your daily wildlife …..

And it wouldn’t be Mexico if there weren’t a skull somewhere (more on that later.)

And in case you want to read and not look at pictures, here are links to the eternal “what is art?” discussion….

The True Story of Love

This week we covered gentrification, health, sports (I was running from advice, remember) religion, politics and philosophy. It seems fitting to end the week with another central human concern: LOVE.

Some might think of it as the answer:

IMG_6319 copy

Some might think of it as a game:


It will make some of us feel safe:



For others, it spells doom.

IMG_6400 copy


It is something that rests on largesse.


And sometimes it simply hits you with a hammer.









Much help out there to answer this question (if you want to avoid stepping into that truck and getting proselytized.)




You could rely on this:20150321_5118

Or on this: 20150321_5351

Or do this:IMG_4791

Unless you’re a cynic and believe this:


God is laughing – written small enough to show a certain uncertainty by the writer?

Mixed Message

IMG_4882 copy

For free health advice you do not have to look far. However, parsing the message is already challenging if you are of sound mind – how would you ever do it during a panic attack? Hold your breath or breathe normally? Hold something else while you breathe? Hold for half a minute???? Relax while you figure out where one word ends and the next starts? Hm.

IMG_4997 copy

Miami Advice

Good that I was wearing sneakers. Fleet feet required to run away from trite exhortations.

IMG_6461 copy

IMG_6462 copy

Photographed, no less, a street block apart.

And then this: IMG_6491 copyhopefully a doubting Thomas and not the same tagger contradicting herself.


This about covers my reaction to the above sentiments…..
IMG_5838 2

The Writing on the Wall

· Unstoppable Gentrification ·

Last week was devoted to Holocaust poetry and resistance, a difficult topic. So I thought this week we’ll go a little lighter with some messages picked up by the wayside. Do I hear a sigh of relief? You are not out of the woods, yet!

The texts often reflect the world as is – and we know what that means.

IMG_2569 copy

The displacing parties, however, can ease their conscience by leaving alms…..

I walked by that station on the Lower Eastside several times, and there was always a new drink. I wonder how desperate someone must be to pick up a bottle not knowing where it came from.

IMG_4999 copy