Small Houses

January 11, 2018 0 Comments

This week is devoted to the process of making things by hand, and building houses fits the category. In fact, one of the most amazing aspect of the Laika exhibit that I described at the beginning of the week, was the details found in their constructed houses, inside and out.

In truth, though, today’s choice was also motivated by my wish to get the attached article into circulation. Much in it moved me and dealt with problems that we are all aware of but often feel helpless about.

Can Tiny Homes Solve America’s Homeless Problem?

Here is a quote from the article – a reminder of how privileged we all are.

In the planning stages of Emerald Village, there was a question about whether to include individual bathrooms in each home, which would have limited the number of units that could be built. While board members supported the move, the vote came in against them. The homeless individuals said they would rather have smaller units with communal bathrooms — because they wanted to provide housing for more people.

For photographs I thought I offer images of tools needed to make the stuff that fills the houses, furniture, floors, special beams etc. – when they are still made by hand.  I am lucky enough to know people who have the most amazing woodworking shops, in Philadelphia and in Germany. So you get a sampling of what caught my eyes.

And here is music for woodworkers – Joe Glazer did a lot of political songs, enjoy the lumberjacks!




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