The Color of Age.

February 8, 2018 1 Comments

Today my mother would have been 94 and my grandfather Eduard 120. In my wishful thinking he is playing Mozart on his stand-up bass while she is re-designing the garden of Eden, white hair luminous under the stars.

For me graceful aging has always included an acceptance of what nature provides. Nature is fickle, though, and few of us can boast that truly beautiful hair color, pure white.

It might not really matter, though, as long as your face is expressive and your spirits are up, never mind a body that doesn’t betray you by being sick.

Today’s color then is WHITE, brought to you by some of the more interesting people I’ve encountered in my wanderings. I find myself in agreement with one of my most revered artist, Rembrandt van Rijn, who painted age with love and respect.

I am also happy to report that your approach to aging might increase your defenses against dementia – the more positive you feel – embedded in a culture that is more respectful and accepting of age – the lower your risk to develop the disease.

Avoiding disputes like the one linked to below is probably also good for your health – who cares if our lifespan can be extended beyond 115 years???  I surely don’t want to be around during peak global warming….


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    Carl Wolfsohn

    February 8, 2018

    Wonderful reminder!